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Sailor Jerry Rum

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Spiced Rum

The new recipe.

"I'm never satisfied with good enough" - Norman "Sailor Jerry" Collins 1911-1973.

Norman "Sailor Jerry" Collins, the father of old school tattooing, constantly sought to reinvent himself.

The team at Sailor Jerry have made some changes. The taste is less sweet, allowing the vanilla and natural spices to come through and the label now has a Hula Girl centre stage, reflecting the legacy of the Norman Collins.

Best served over ice with cola or ginger beer and a squeeze of fresh lime.


David Jones 2012-06-26 23:57:34

I like the new recipe, much prefer the old one though. Will still happily mix with cola or ginger ale :)

Hans Goran Palmqvist 2012-01-07 19:44:29

I bought this rum in US this summer and I didn\'t know what I bought, but when I tasted it I didn\'t want to stop drinking it, the greatest rum I ever tasted :), I bought 2 bottles, each bottle was a half gallon :). I thought that I could get a new bottle through the internet, but it seems hard to find, and if I find it it\'s much to expensive. Please start produce this rum again so we can enjoy a drink again, because you will never drink another rum when you have tasted this original Sailor Jerry Rum. Hans from Sweden.

Rhys Liddell 2011-04-14 18:20:43

It tastes just like every other spiced rum on the market... The old recipe was much MUCH better, full of flavour and completely unique, it\'s a shame.

Clayton Fulmar 2010-11-27 18:39:30

No where near the old stuff.

Neil Horne 2010-10-05 18:59:24

I bought a bottle of this Sailor Jerry just to see what all the fuss was about and what a waste of my money. It taste\'s nothing like the original drink which I love. Thank god I stocked up on bottle\'s of the old stuff as I\'m NEVER ordering this drink when I go out again or buying a bottle. I am now stuck with a bottle of what taste\'s like cheap rum from Tesco. Avoid this drink it\'s just not Sailor Jerry.