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Award Gold Medal International Spirits

Key Information

Gold Medal winner and a Vodka Trophy at International Spirits Challenge 2014.

Gold winner in the super-premium category, The Vodka Masters 2008.

Once upon a time there was a vodka called Snow Queen.

She was born in the far-away land of Kazakhstan.

Her father was the finest organic wheat and her mother was the purest water that flowed through the snow-capped mountains.

Soon, Snow Queen became known as the smoothest, most beautiful vodka of them all.

Experts came from far and wide and were amazed that such a perfect drink existed. They showered her with prizes. Gold Medals. Awards and Diplomas.

But what is the secret of her beauty?

It was quite simple. Unlike any other vodkas, Snow Queen had been distilled not once, twice, thrice, not even four times. She had been distilled five times.

That's what gave her such a unique, smooth, velvety taste. But, of course, as happens so often in fairy tales, her beauty carried a terrible curse.

For whoever put Snow Queen to his lips was condemned to fall in love with her for the rest of his life.

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Nick 2007-06-08 12:49:48

Quite simply, this is the best vodka I have ever tasted and my first taste of it was in Moscow itself, at the Russian Vodka Museum! When we asked the staff to give us some shots of the best Vodka Russia producers this is what was delivered and it didnt let us down at all! Served ice cold as a shot the Queen is smooth and subtle with a delicious after taste. A shot of the Queen has you holding off on a washdown drink as you savour the taste, unlike cheaper vodkas where you just want the taste gone and your facial features to return to normal. Two of the girls with us have a horror track record with shots of any kind, however even they commented how easy this was to drink and had a quality taste. SNOWQUEEN - THE CLASSIEST THING TO COME OUT OF KHAZAKSTAN SINCE BORATS MANKINI!