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Formlery Woods 100

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Wood's is the only Demerara navy rum still bottled at 57% ABV, the original strength served on British Navy Ships.

Made using traditional pot stills, it is a smooth dark rum with punchy notes of brown sugar and thick toffee.

The recipe is the same as Woods 100 rum.


Capn Jimbo 2013-12-20 15:32:16

At The Rum Project, we are great fans and promoters of a British tradition, maintained and enjoyed by untold thousands of sailors and officers in the British Royal Navy. The twice-a-day tot of BRN rum continued until about 1971. Unfortunately mentioning the British Royal Navy and their rum and Lamb's in the same breath is not fair or accurate. The original and most current formula for over a hundred years was blended in secret under British government order by the E & D Mann Company. That one and only formula passed to Pussers and its Blue Label, not Lambs. Lambs was not and is not the real British Navy Rum. This is not to say that it isn't a fine rum in of itself, but it does not represent the colourful history and tradition of real British Navy Rum. Only Pussers can and does make that claim, and has no equal in our view. Carry on...

Dave Thomas 2013-05-02 08:51:52

I served for many years in the RN and still remember The Tot - really there can never be anything that equals it, and the "fug" that used to hover over my bunk when I woke up after a tot. Woods is THE BEST on the market - smooth, sweet and lulls you into a sense of security as it sneaks up on you after a couple. Problem is now in retirement in Spain I can no longer get my hands on it - but I still have my memories which I manage to revive when I visit the UK. A truly Great Rum, long may it remain.

Paul Siggins 2011-02-16 01:35:12

Be careful it sneaks up on you, wonderfully warming rich and silky. I prefer mine with a splash of water like a scotch but mixes well (if you must!) and the richness makes it easy to sip neat, but little sips and slowly.

simon mcnair 2009-06-12 08:46:57

If I could only drink one drink for the rest of my life it would be Woods & coke. It is just the perfect mixing rum, ever. Just don't put much in, its VERY strong.

Tim Bedford 2008-09-16 11:15:06

I spent time in the RN but never received the tot, too young then too late. Since then I have developed a taste for rum and Woods in particular. More in the cooler months, I enjoy it neat for the strong flavour that lingers after the hatch was opened and always have Woods in the home where it lives in a lead crystal decanter. Woods Rum is also ideal for making a top quality "Rum Butter" for Xmas puddings enjoyed occasionally all year. Because that strong rich flavour is essential, so as the RB melts onto the pudding it is divine, however I would not drive for a long time after that. Rum is also often enjoyed in coffee in our home, though an inferior brand is the norm for that.