Smirnoff - Red

Russian Vodka

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The number one Vodka brand, triple distilled for purity and quality.


Adam Kreissl 2010-04-16 14:45:20

This is a lovely vodka for mixing. It is high strength so does not become diluted or too weak when mixed 1 part to 4 of mixer, this compliments Schweppes Russchian perfectly. This vodka has a nice kick to it and a delicate after-taste. Definitely recommended.

Graham Downes 2008-11-28 17:12:41

Let's be honest here, it doesn't taste like water it tastes like industrial spirit and frankly I wouldn't wash my drains out with it. This is a crime against vodka!

David D 2007-07-20 00:10:35

Excellent Vodka for mixing and fairly low priced. Ignore the reviewer below, this is an excellent vodka that does not taste "like water."

David Evans 2005-01-04 14:18:07

Plain, simple and ghastly. The white spirit aroma accompanied by the taste of two month old carbonated water should be enough to deter even the hardiest alcoholic. However, cheapness is the order of the day and this nasty concoction/chemistry experiment is most readily available from the local off-licence or supermarket for less than a 13 year old's paper round wage. The choice of the uninitiated and the ignorant, Smirnoff will continue to dominate our shelves until someone realises that there is more to vodka than nasty tasteless water. As Asda's own Whisky is to Johnny Walker Black Label, Smirnoff is to any other vodka on the market. Even Vladivar.