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Key Information

Because Citadelle wanted to represent French traditions, the focus in Citadelle vodka is on flavour.

Citadelle is incredibly smooth with complex aromas that combine to please connoisseurs and amateurs alike.

Citadelle vodka is created in France using the most sophisticated processes. To develop the optimal purity and finesse, the carefully chosen ingredients are distilled 5 times. The micro oxygenation gives Citadelle its extraordinary texture and sophistication.

Vodka can be produced with any ingredient that can be distilled, including molasses, potatoes, tapioca, and any type of grain. However, vodkas produced exclusively from wheat are often the best.

For Citadelle, they chose Capet, a variety of wheat that has been grown in the Beauce region of France for over 1,000 years. In order to create the optimal purity and finesse, only the heart of the grain is used. It is then blended with fresh spring water until fermentation.

The production of a great vodka requires very high quality water, which represents 60% of its composition. Water is used at two stages in vodka production. Initially, it is added to the wheat being prepared for distillation. Much later, it is blended with the distilled spirit making it smoother and reducing the alcohol level to 40 % - 80 proof, its traditional level for drinking. The spring water from the tiny village of Gensac is specially selected for Citadelle. This water is filtered through the limestone in the Grande Champagne area near Cognac and adds a crystalline quality to the finished product.


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