Miclo - Fraise (Strawberry)

Eau de Vie
Miclo - Fraise (Strawberry)

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  • ABV40%

A fine eau de vie with strawberries from the world famous producers, Miclo of Alsace, with production starting either by fermentation or maceration, followed by distillation and a reduction of alcoholic strength.

Ideally served at 6-7 degrees C.

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2008-08-04 06:46:37

i bought the fraise and framboise from a store in London and I initially thought the raspberry would not be so good for a liquor, especially since the raspberry vodkas taste so horrendous. This strawberry is an excellent eau de vie, it's got the aroma of strawberries without the flavour which means it's just the right amount of fruit and not sweet. Excellent mix.