POLMOS SIEDLCE - Universum (Blackcurrant)

Polish Vodka

High quality Polish rye vodka flavoured with the delightful juice of the blackcurrant berry.

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Michelle Wardle 2006-11-13 21:03:45

Wow, deceptive little blighter. Doesn't smell as strong as I thought it would (I was expecting something like Ribena)and it seemed a little thicker, like a liquer. Went down with a bit of a kick THEN the blackcurrant flavour got me....yummy! My dad, who's Polish, remembers vodkas from his younger days but admitted he'd never had a blackcurrant vodka. He was impressed that the blackcurrant didn't detract from the taste of the vodka. We mixed some with the same quantity of lemonade for mum to try and it made a very nice longer drink. The flavour is stronger when drunk at room temperature. Recommend you try it if you like Wisniowka Cherry vodka.


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