POLMOS LUBUSHKA- Polska Wisniowa (Cherry)

Polish Vodka
POLMOS LUBUSHKA- Polska Wisniowa (Cherry)

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Polska cherry vodka takes smooth rye grain vodka macerated with natural Polish cherries and stones.

A little vanilla is added and the resulting almost liqueur like vodka matures in oak vats for one month.

Moreish, thick, sweet, powerful cherry flavours dominate with the gentle warmth of quality rye vodka.

Makes the classic, long drink Cherry Cola - Polska Cherry Vodka over ice in a tall glass topped up with cola.


Gail Elaine Coles 2009-01-28 21:23:45

I recently visited Poland and saw a woman in a coffee shop with both the cherry and honey vodka and decided to try them. I am not a vodka drinker myself but this cherry flavour is to die for. Drink it neat, it's smooth, with a lovely burn and no after taste. I too have had trouble sharing my now, almost empty bottle, but will be putting an order in for the 70cl bottle when it is finished.

Tracey MacDonald 2008-02-11 21:03:53

I read a review on Polska Wisniowa cherry vodka in a magazine and made a mental note to try it sometime, particularly as it was touted as a vodka to drink neat... which is my preference. Then a friend went to Poland and brought a bottle back for me, and it was love at first swally! Tastes very strongly of cherry, with a tiny hint of almond as well. Sweet and strong and stunning, with a nice vodka burn, but it definitely does not require a mixer. I think a mixer would ruin it! I've guarded my bottle jealously, but allowed a select few to have a taste... and even those not normally given to spirits have loved it. I'll definitely be buying more...