JSC-SOJUS - Sibirskaya

Russian Vodka
JSC-SOJUS - Sibirskaya

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Truly authentic Russian vodka, distilled in the colds of Siberia, is a soft smooth sipping vodka at 42% abv.

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Mr Vincent J Blackwell 2007-09-07 13:19:59

Sibirskaya vodka is a beverage with a delicately viscous dexterity, a smooth, polished deliverance and a soft pleasing aroma and taste. Although slightly oily as a consequence of its enhanced viscousness, Sibirskaya is none the less a high quality vodka which certainly towers far above virtually all of the 'conventional' vodkas avialable in UK retail stores. As said on the bottle, Sibirskaya is 'the taste of the frozen north'. Highly recommended!