Highland Park - 12 Year Old

Orkney Malt Whisky

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  • DistilleryHighland Park

Located on the Orkney Islands, one of the northern most parts of Scotland, is the Highland Park distillery. Founded on this remote and windswept island in 1798, the distillery has, for more than two centuries produced a full flavoured, single malt scottish whisky.

Made from the best Barley malted over peat fires; merged with the unique spring waters of the island; and aged in casks for twelve long years that shape its rare and very distinctive character.

In 1888, James Grant, whose father was the manager of the Glenvilet distillery, became managing partner, and later owner of Highland Park.

Its product retains much that is traditional, even original. It has its own floor maltings and peat beds (the peat is cut shallow to impart a light 'rooty' character) and two traditional peat-fired kilns. During malting a little heather is burned.

The Highland Distillery has more than an affinity with the West Highlands in its flavour than with the palish, fragrant, fresh flavoured North Highland groups of malt.

Highland Park is a medium bodied whisky with a heathery aroma.

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Paul Siggins 2011-02-16 02:12:57

A fantastic all rounder, not as light as a lowland , not as fierce as a highland and less smoky/salty/seaweedy than an Islay. You may leave it for a while but it is great to come back to. About as whiskeyish as you can get, peaty, heathery, honeyed. Absolutely perfect as an introduction to single malts.

Aaron Zall 2006-06-05 18:02:58

How good is the Highland Park 12yo? In my opinion, THERE ARE NO BETTER WHISKIES. If there are I haven't tasted them yet, either that or my pallet isn't cultured enough to discern any different. I have tasted different whiskies, and I have tasted whiskies arguably as good, but I have not tasted a better whisky, at any price, and at any age, even the Highland Park 25yo isn't as enjoyable. As single malts became fashionable, the age of whiskies is being used as a marketing tool, when you get to this level older does not mean better, it introduces flavours and scents, that only the most hardened single malt veterans would appreciate, the sweetness goes, and you begin to really taste the wood. Highland park 12yo is so well-rounded, its slightly smokey but not too peaty, honey sweet and full-bodied but not overbearing, the finish is long and delicious, with hints of heather. Why is it so good? who knows, maybe is the journey the barley has to take from the mainland out to Orkney, maybe its the resting period the barley has to go through after the journey, Maybe its the unique properties of the Orkney peat, Maybe its constantly harsh Orkney climate, or the floor malting process, the 1st fill sherry casts, or maybe the Cattie Maggie spring water, Its probably all of those things and more. All I know is, I know of no more enjoyable a whisky, if it was twice the price it would still be worth it.