MACALLAN - 10 Year Old Sherry Oak

Speyside Malt Whisky
MACALLAN - 10 Year Old Sherry Oak

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  • DistilleryMacallan

Hidden in a fold of wooded hills lapped by the waters of Ringorm Burns, it hurries on its way to meet the Fabled Spey below, and stands the manor house of Easter Elchies, home of The Macallan. The site of whisky making for many generations, the distllery was formally accorded legal status in 1824. It has since become famous as the seat of Scotlands most prized malt whisky.

What is the secret of this legendary single malt? Since time immemorial, The Macallan has been distilled by craftsmen on the same estate in particularly small, hand-beaten copper stills and, whilst other distillers no longer insist on using oaken sherry casks, whilst at Macallan this costly tradition is maintained. The results are shown partly in The Macallans sumptuous colour, partly in the nose and wholly in the glass.

Its preminence is perenially confirmed in blind tastings of the finest malt whiskies where The Macallan is time and again accorded the supreme laurel in its category, befitting the definitive dictum on The Macallan:- The single malt against which ultimately all others must be judged.

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Simon Thompson 2010-11-14 19:04:24

The god of malts; not the easiest for a first time whiskey drinker, but it\'s really surprising how quickly expressions go from shock to savour when being introduced to this complex wonder. It\'s peaty and peppery and finishes with some smoke, but none of these flavours is overwhelming and they are bound together by honey and fire. I only drink Macallan rarely, not because it\'s not my favourite, because it is, but because one glass is not enough and the second has a habit of ushering a third, and a third is much too much! But be sure that no one who likes a glass of whiskey will be disappointed by a bottle of Macallan.