Canadian Club - 6 Year Old

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  • Age6 Year Old
  • DistilleryWalker

Canadian Club whisky was first produced in a world where the spittoon was considered quite sophisticated.

Life was harsh in the mid 1800's in North America and the whiskey was harsher. Hiram Walker (distiller), set out to create a different whiskey that offered a smoother, cleaner taste.

Even in those days, Canadian Whiskey was beginning to create a new flavour, combining the richness and fruitiness of bourbon for a cleaner, crisper palate.

Canadian Club, with it's unique distilling process was a cut above the rest. Lighter than Scotch and smoother than bourbon, this was no ordinary whiskey.

Still made and bottled in Walkerville Canada, Canadian Club is the only Canadian whiskey that is 'barrel-blended' prior to aging in white oak barrels to allow the flavours to marry. Aged six years (twice the period of required by Canadian law), Canadian Club is a true, quality Canadian whisky that has not changed with time.

A versatile drink, enjoy Canadian Club straight, on the rocks or in a variety of mixed drinks.

Canadian Club has been the world's favourite Canadian whiskey for more than 140 years and has set the standard for great whiskey.

It's a smooth satisfying taste that will never go out of style.

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mike stephens 2013-08-09 13:21:42

Like the last review says, this whiskey is so easy to drink, you won't need to be a whiskey lover to appreciate this mild canadian, mix it with orange juice. Delicious.

David Beasley 2009-09-12 19:33:29

Normally I don't like whiskies, but this Canadian Club is so smooth and mild, it almost tastes like whisky flavoured water. No overpowering smell or taste, no burning sensation, just smooth and drinkable. If you don't normally like whisky, this is just the drink to convert you!