LEDAIG - Sherry Finish

Island Malt Whisky
LEDAIG - Sherry Finish

Country of Origin

Scotland flag

Key Information

The nose of this autumn gold dram offers up a superbly sweet and peaty Island experience with notes of nut and sherry.

The taste with its medium-body, encompasses rich, peppery flavours and an elegant combination of fruit and sherry oak to complement the subtle sweetness.

The finish has a dry smokiness, well-rounded to meet the high expectations of its lingering peat finale. A golden gem of the Isles.

The Ledaig Collection are the peated Malts from Tobermory, the only legal distillery ever to have operated on the picturesque Island of Mull, and one of Scotland's oldest having been their since 1798.

The name, pronounced 'Led-chig' comes from the Gaelic for'safe-haven', aptly named after the area where the distillery sits, neatly sheltered in Tobermory Bay.

Tobermory single Malt has always been made with unpeated malted barley, so to differentiate, the malts they make from peated barley are given the name Ledaig. These fine single Malt whiskies include an original finish, sherry finish and rare Vintage Single Malts released in strictly limited quantities.

The Ledaig Collection offers outstanding value to experience the taste of Scotland's famous and characterful Island Malt whiskies.

1 Comment

Munro Patrick 2009-05-30 17:02:19

Penny for penny, and Pound for pound, this is one of the pleasantest malts I have yet come across.


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