Jack Daniels - Old No 7

Tennessee Whiskey

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  • DistilleryJack Daniels
  • GrainCorn

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Father's Day Whisky

The archetypal JD and the most famous of all the range from this famous American whiskey producer.

Described as a sipping whiskey and produced in Lynchburg, Tennessee, JD use pure cave spring water and their unique 'mellowing' process which was perfected by Jack Daniel in 1866, where it is filtered through maple charcoal, giving it's distinctive, more 'mellow' and sweeter flavour than bourbon.

Known uniquely as Tennessee whiskey, it is not subject to the regulations relating to bourbons, including the need to use new barrels. for ageing.


Barbara Kay 2013-12-15 19:41:55

Good old Jack Daniels... My brother lives in London and I am in Liverpool. He looks forward to his Christmas bottle every year and The Drink Shop has never let us down! Thank you for making his Christmas a happy one! xx

Christopher Masterman 2012-12-14 09:22:10

Easy sippin' whiskey that can be a bit overly sweet. Refreshing and enjoyable when mixed with cola or ginger ale, but I find Jim Beam White Label a better alternative all round.

David Jones 2012-06-26 23:55:09

Not really getting why people are so uptight as to dispute whether its a bourbon or a whiskey, take it as it is... a bloody good tasting spirit .

Karney Li 2009-07-12 02:05:42

I love whiskey. I drink all types, Scotches in all their variants, American bourbons, Canadian Ryes, and of course my favourite Jack! Jack is very different than everything else out there. It is unique, its taste will never be like scotches, it isn't meant to taste like a bourbon or a rye whiskey. It has a beautiful kick and after-taste. I love drinking it neat. Some people find it disgusting, but my taste has grown so accustomed to it. Scotches are smooth but Jack tells me something is alive here.

B McCann 2008-09-22 12:37:57

I honestly cannot believe some of this that's being written about 'Jack Daniels' being a whiskey and not a 'bourbon'. Apologies folks but a bourbon is in fact a type of Whiskey, originated in Kentucky, America, which I hope clears up the 'bourbons are American' issue. As for the proof being 45-40% again, I'm sorry but the 40% now shown on the bottle is actually the percentage of alcohol by volume, and the proof is the amount of alcohol (i.e. ethanol) actually in that. the proof is usually double the percentage on the bottle. Confusing I know, but look it up. As for the whole mix or not to mix topic, does your Jack Daniels come in styrofoam packaging with a set of instructions on what to do with it? Jack Daniels is drank, however the consumer wishes, and enjoyed no matter what.