Santa Teresa - Gran Reserva

Light & Silky

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Gold Rum

A product of the ingenious blending of first quality rums, aged in oak barrels and casks up to 5 years.

High in purity, clarity and quality, this golden hued Anejo has an aromatic bouquet.

On the palate Gran Reserva yields a soft warmth that is fruity and woody.

The body is light, silky with a firm and distinct finish.

Serving suggestions - Ideal for mixing in cocktails, with fruit juices and soft drinks.

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kester HOLDSWORTH 2011-08-26 16:33:14

This was bought as a gift from a friend, we regularly buy each other interesting bottles of rum to enjoy together. This was a great rum with nice spicy notes and good on its own, but better with coke or mixed into a mojito.