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Sebor - Absinthe

100 Year Old Recipe

Country of Origin

Czech Republic

Producer Information

Key Information

This distinctive Sebor Absinthe square glass bottle more than twice outsells all other Absinth brands combined.

Sebor Absinth is a blend of 13 herbs and the purest alcohol lovingly produced to a 100 year old French/Swiss recipe. The flavour is rich and mellow and is complimented by the warmth given by the pure 55% alcohol, making Sebor the easiest drinking Absinth available.

Produced in Czech Bohemian mountains by traditional brewing methods, this authentic handmade Absinth has the maximum permitted "wormwood" (artemisia absinthium) and absolutely NO artificial colours or flavours.

Sebor Absinth is the worlds best selling Absinth - try it and you will see why!

The finest refined alcohol is used to assure the highest purity and maximum herbal absorption. Large doses of healing herbs are then added at different times during the preparation process. These herbs have been soaked in strong alcohol and water to extract the best flavours and smells.

The mixture ripens for a long time, allowing all the herbs, and the main ingredient, wormwood (artemisa absinthium), to mix and mellow.

In addition to artemisa absinthium, the main herbal ingredients are anise and fennel, followed by camomile, coriander, mint, lemon balm and others, which are Sebor's secret.

2 cocktails with Sebor - Absinthe


christian pote 2011-06-15 10:51:24

Sebor absinth is by far the best you will buy for the money. If you read the review above and was put off by the guys bitter comment get over it cos absinthe is bitter, if its isn\'t its probably got no or little wormwood which is the herb from the absinthium plant this drink is made from. This is the herb that people suggest makes you hallucinate hence why there is a 10mg limit, though you can buy bottles with more if your prepared to part with some cash. BITTER IS GOOD! If you want to go wild get \'Sebor bitter\'. Buy this drink you will love it. Sebor know how to make a nice drink. 10/10. Drink with vodka and red bull if you want a long night.

Victoria Lawson 2011-02-13 00:24:05

Of all the absinthes I\'ve tried, this is one of the few that\'s smooth and rounded enough to drink neat. It\'s certainly got an interesting flavour to it - definitely buy if you fancy something different. I\'ll be treating myself to a bottle soon enough!

Dan Harris 2010-05-13 19:02:17

Must be the number 1 Absinthe on the market. Interesting taste to it that makes it something you wanna try again and again. Definitely give this one 9 out of 10 out of all the Absinthes I have tried.

Nymphadora Tonks 2008-08-22 10:45:24

I personally favour Sebor absinthe. Its very pondweed green and goes really milky when you add water or ice. Try drinking it with peppermint cordial, it softens the taste somewhat. By absinthe standards the alcohol content is low, but it makes up for it with its ample amount of wormwood. Absinthe is an acquired taste, but it's one that is worth acquiring. I give Sebor absinthe a 9.7 out of 10. So far it is the best absinthe I have found.

Jo Oakes 2007-03-29 18:46:57

Not much for Sebor myself, it is incredibly bitter and herby. You need to add a LOT LOT LOT of sugar to drown out the herbiness, it's not herby in a good way, it's quite foul, like fir leaves and oregano in vodka. Bleh. It was the first absinthe I bought and tried, mostly because of the (false) guarantees you get on the Sebor website. I bought it here for a lesser price and a free absinthe spoon :D So when I offer friends absinthe, I palm off my Sebor on them instead of using my good stuff (Apsinthion) in order to get rid of it. And they all go, "eugh, it's a bit bitter." Yes I know, icky isn't it? Try some of mine.