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STAROREZNA - Prava Slivovice

Eau de Vie
STAROREZNA - Prava Slivovice

Country of Origin

Czech Republic

Key Information

Other Information

  • ABV50%

This Czech Slivovice is amongst the finest available and comes from a distillery that dates back to 1518. Containing 100% distillate from plums, with no added ingredients.

Fruit is collected in the fall, set in barrels and allowed to naturally ferment with just the natural yeast on the fruit and the natural sugars in the fruit. In the spring this mixture called "mo"t" (mosht) is then distilled to 100% purity and then diluted to 50% ABV. Nothing is added except water. Due to this process, a very large amount of plums is required to produce a small amount of slivovice, in addition the climate and soil must be right so that the trees produce a fruity and sweet fruit.

The distillery is located in a region famous throughout the Czech Republic for its fertility. It is called the Hana region and the name Hana has become synonymous with dark rich soil, a bountiful harvest, and quality produce. It is the ideal region to produce Slivovice. (home-made) Slivovice from this region is a highly coveted commodity which is treasured so much in the country very few bottles make it out.

Slivovice is traditionally a home-made drink where it is believed that a small shot every morning will kill any bacteria and keep you healthy. In the Czech Republic it is very popular and widely recommended in the winter, with tea & honey.

Amongst other claims, are that a little Slivovice after fatty food will "dissolve the fat/grease" in the gut also, that over indulgence will leave you "hangover" free!

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Paul Weal 2008-01-18 13:02:29

A smooth and well flavoured Slivovice with a good kick. I have previously mostly drunk Slivovice produced by Rudolf Jeleneck (virtualy unavailable in UK). Best served well chilled, becomes slightly cloudy when taken below 0 degrees C but does not affect the flavour.