Heather Honey and Whisky Liqueur

70cl Bottle £27.02
Available 9th Dec 2016

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Scotland flag

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  • ABV40%

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Whisky Liqueurs

Drambuie celebrates the 100th anniversary of its first bottling in Edinburgh this year with a brand new look. Retaining the same appearance since it was first bottled in 1909, 2009 sees Drambuie introduce a radical new design.

No longer hiding the beautiful nectar coloured liquid behind dark brown glass, the new bottle is clear, taller and thinner, creating a graceful look for the 21st Century. It has a new interlocking 'DD' Drambuie icon surrounded by four diamonds representing the values that so motivated Bonnie Prince Charlie - risk, rebellion, passion and mystery. The sword-slashes on the neck serve as another link to the origins of the brand in the famous Jacobite Uprising of 1745.

Crafted over 260 years ago for the Rebel Prince, and handed down over the generations, this unique spirit offers any discerning drinker a distinctive taste sensation. A secret recipe of herbs, spices and heather honey crafted with aged scotch whiskies, which has remained unchanged since 1745.

Drambuie's unique, complex taste lends itself perfectly to a wide range of refreshing serves. Try it long with soda or ginger beer, topped off with fresh lime wedges, perfect for any occasion. Alternatively, the Drambuie Libertine - a Scottish take on the Caipirinha - with muddled limes, crushed ice and a generous measure of Drambuie is the perfect twist on this classic.

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Cocktail Shaker Boys 2009-09-16 15:10:08

One of the best liqueurs there is. Helps if you like whisky flavours though. Mix it in equal measures with blended scotch whisky to produce a Rusty Nail - one of the best cocktails there is. And no ice!

Philip Casey 2009-09-10 00:27:15

If one were to drink Drambuie straight at room temperature, it undoubtedly tastes sweet. But that is telling the story in one dimension. With the simple addition of ice, the drink is transformed into an altogether richer experience. Ice releases the constituent parts to reveal smoky whisky, liquorice and honey with an undertone of herbs. Drambuie is also an ingredient in many cocktails including the classic Rusty Nail - two parts (preferably good quality malt) whisky, one part Drambuie, poured over plenty of ice; add a twist of lemon peel rubbed round the rim of the glass and then added to the drink as garnish. Perfect!

Alicia Hobbel 2007-04-10 21:34:20

To be honest, I thought it was sickeningly sweet. It's impossible to identify the separate ingredients, it's so incredibly sweet. Shame, really.

Michael Bain 2006-06-29 20:42:23

I wonderful drink. A true taste of Scotland. Try pouring a little over a good quality vanilla ice cream with a little sprinkle of freshly gound black pepper. Yum!