Barbancourt - 8 Year Old Reserve Speciale

Agricole Rum
Barbancourt - 8 Year Old Reserve Speciale

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Agricole Rum

Back 2019.

Barbancourt Reserve Speciale is an exceptional 8-year-old rum.

Made from fresh sugar cane juice rather than molasses, distilled in copper pot stills, and carefully aged in oak barrels, this is arguably one of the finest bottles to come out of the Caribbean.

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Jim Stewart 2008-02-05 19:35:08

I purchased this bottle of Barbancourt as part of a tasting party I was having only to met with cries of "Oh no, not agricole!" I was delighted to exhibit this french style rum as a complex and mature rival to any of the other rums at the party. With a sweet, slightly smoked taste with delicious after hints of caramel i find this 8 year old to be the equal, or superior, of almost any rum I have ever tasted.