Distilleries Provence - Amandine

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Distilleries Provence - Amandine

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  • ABV25%

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Fruit Liqueurs

Almond trees are native to Afghanistan, but were brought to Provence in the 5th century B.C.

Almond trees adjust perfectly to the climate and soil of Haute Provence. Provencal gastronomy uses almonds in many ways. Barley water and almond liqueur are beverages made from almonds.

This liqueur has a base of essence of bitter almond from Provence, cherry spirit, cherry, peach and vanilla infusions, cane sugar, and brandies of Provence.

The dominant aroma is almond, but the infusions and cherry spirit heighten the product's flavour thanks to their specific walnut aroma. The peach and vanilla infusions give the Amandine its structure and make it fruity.

Amandine is a liqueur that is enjoyed as a digestive. Amandine is also used for the Lou Parpaillou : 1/6 Amandine and 5/6 Bau Frizzant De Muscat.

Amandine may be served over vanilla ice cream, chocolate pears and with pear tarts or Twelfth Night cakes.

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