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The specific character of the Polish vodka speciality Grasovka is based on its bison grass flavour; that plant grows in bunches in the clearings the woods of the national park of Bialowieza on the border between Poland and White Russia.

There, the rarely free-living European bisons are found there as well.

Numerous attempts to cultivate that grass in other areas in the world failed. So, each spear of bison grass in a bottle of Grasovka is a present by Polish nature.

The product name "vodka" originates from the Old Polish language and was derived from the word "woda" - translated "little water".

Traditionally, vodka is distilled in Poland, Russia, Finland and Sweden. Till today it is unclear whether the first vodka was made in Russia or Poland; both countries claim that they are inventors and used the cereal-based distillates as medicine.

Usually, their percentage was not high, and often they were combined with herbs, roots or. Like Zubrowkas, with bison grass.

Only in the 18th century vodka became a pure and clear spirit.

Apart from the clear vodka there are flavoured ones today as well; they contain essences made from pepper, nuts, Sherry, sloes, citrus fruit, currants, herbs, roots or just bison grass.


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