Melon Liqueur

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  • ABV20%

Midori is the premium quality liqueur, vibrant green in colour, with a light, refreshing taste of melon, is very versatile and mixes well with juices, mixers and white spirits.

This means Midori can be used to mix a wide range of delicious long drinks and cocktails.

Midori is the premium mixer for sociable young adults who want more excitement and life in their drinking experience.


Cocktail Shaker Boys 2009-09-16 15:20:05

Well, well. So it's American is it? Always thought this product was Japanese produced by Suntory. Oh well, it is a great liqueur which mixes well. It has a stunning green colour and a strongly melon flavour. Would probably be good with foods such as ice cream, but I'm more of a cocktail maker myself.

Laura Pearce 2006-06-25 18:51:24

I have never had this on it's own, but I can recommend Midori Sours; this is most of a shot of Midori, 5 or so drips of dark port and half a lemon and half a lime squeezed into it! It is the most amazing shot of anything I've ever had!

Aaron Zall 2006-06-05 17:12:48

Whatever you do, do not drink it straight. The thought of it turns my stomach. Cloying and oversweet, are not adequate enough words to describe the taste. How its made is a closely guarded secret, Its supposed to be made from honeydew melon, but its tastes as if it was made in the presence of a melon, perhaps the staff wore melons while they added the melon flavouring, and of course whatever makes it green. Anyway setting the snobbery aside. Use Midori for what its good for: mixing. Get creative, mix it with any white/silver spirit, with or without juice, soda whatever, it mixes very well. Even a small amount of it will turn a drink bright green, you can make up very simple cocktails and be pretty sure your guests wouldn't have had one before. If your guests are adventurous, you are feeling cruel, and are a dab hand with a bar spoon, the Squashed Frog is a particularly foul concoction, Thirds of Midori, Advocaat, and Grenadine, floated in a shot glass, imagine it! <i>"Ed 'Midori is now less sweet - it reduced its sugar content by 20 percent in 2008'"</i>