RODNIKS - Cannabis Absinthe

Spanish Absinthe
RODNIKS - Cannabis Absinthe

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The original Spanish Absinthe from Rodniks with the infusion of cannabis!

Rodnik's absinthe has a softer anise aroma than it's French homonym, which makes it ideal for long drinks and cocktails. Rodnik became the first Spaniard to redevelop the making of absinthe.

Rodnik's Absinthe is an authentic Absinthe distilled in Spain from the finest Mediterranean plants and herbs. High in wormwood (Artemisia absinthium) content, it is aromatic and smooth to the taste.


steve harris 2007-08-29 16:20:36

A smoother absinthe than many others and therefore that much more enjoyable. Wasn't sure where the cannabis part came from as I couldnt detect any such taste, but was a great little gimmick to impress friends - an excellent social tool! I mixed a few shots of this and green chartreuse - they had the right effect - green in colour but producing rosy red cheeks! The next day I definitely felt green. A nice little drink but treat it with respect.

m witney 2007-03-28 10:00:02

its a great drink had loads of fun with my friends with this and it tastes great