Cape North

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Cape North

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Potato Vodka

An ultra-premium quality single grain vodka which has been produced in France from pure Swedish virgin spring water.

Cape North is a very clear, bright and exceptionally smooth vodka, characterised by its hints of vanilla and citrus on the nose and also for its clear finish.

When you taste Cape North you will notice the subtle hints of citrus and valilla flavours and also the long and very smooth finish.

You can almost feel the cool spring water at the back of your throat. The perfect balance of ingredients creates a very fine ultr-premium vodka, the very first to originate in Sweden.

To best enjoy Cape North Vodka and its clear finish you should drink it neat, maybe with a twist of lemon.


Craig Delaney 2011-11-24 20:47:56

Lovely smooth Vodka served best straight with a cube or two of ice; finishes with a subtle vanilla after tone.

Erik Lundqvist erik 2009-10-16 21:13:41

Great vodka, no hangover what so ever!