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Dark Rum

Dark Rum was first made in Tahiti in 1880 at D'Atimaono where fields of sugar cane grew. Today the cane fields have moved to make way for D'Atimaono's famous golf links but not much else has changed.

The traditional art of distilling spirits pioneered by French colonists in the 19th century continues at their distillery down the road. Tahiti Dark is made using the same style of copper column stills, low and slow fermentation techniques and raw molasses that have kept the spirit alive for over a hundred years.

Geoff Ross's responsibilities at 42 Below don't stop at being Founder and Chief Vodka Bloke, he's always on the lookout for the perfect drink no matter what the spirit or occasion. Curiosity has led Geoff and his taste buds to distill South, the world's highest awarded Gin, and to the discovery of Tahiti's darkest secret, the Southern Ocean's finest dark rum, Tahiti Dark.

Geoff was on a diving trip in Tahiti when he was handed a drink that chased the salt and chill of the sea with the warmth and taste of the sun, the same drink that's fortified sailors for centuries, a ration of local rum. It was too good to keep secret and Geoff resolved to make it his mission to introduce Tahiti Dark to the world.

Our intrepid distiller took another deep dive embarking on a research programme to discover the delights of Tahiti and learn the craft of the Pacific's finest rum. He found out about Tahiti's being topless at church is OK philosophy. He also learned that Tahitians have been producing rum for over 100 years in the traditional French style of Cognac, so they know what they're doing. This also explains why so many sailors never left Tahiti and why Gauguin painted lying down in the shade with a tall drink. After serious sampling, the first Pacific dark rum is now ready for the world and it's the richest, smoothest dark rum we've tasted.

Mind you we're biased so we asked 'Professor Briars, the Dean of the Vodka University to comment... 'It's full-bodied, sensual and warm with a soft inviting aroma of seductive vanilla, the richness of burnt caramel and a hint of exotic tropical sunshine, limes and coconuts.'

Now you can try Tahiti Dark Rum for yourself.

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