FRANCOLI - Poggio Basso Grappa

Italian National Spirit
FRANCOLI - Poggio Basso Grappa

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  • ABV40%

Grape and origin of pomace Nebbiolo Piemontese (30%), Moscato Piemonte (10%).

Distillation process: This takes place in two stages. The first (dealcoholisation) consists in separating the finer scented and characteristic parts of the alcohol contained in the pomace.

The second stage (rectification) which is carried out slowly, concentrates in a balanced manner, the alcohol's noblest aromas obtained from the first distillation.

Refinement / Aging: The ideal method of refining this distillate consists in placing it for a period of six months in stainless steel tanks which will ensure neutrality and the preservation of its original qualities.

A brief final period in Barriques enhances the fragrance of the distillate, for the more delicate of palates.


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