Jose Cuervo - Especial Reposado

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  • ABV38%

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Mixto Reposado

Sweet flavours with hints of fruit and vanilla.

Jose Cuervo Especial is made with blue agave harvested from the family estate, the largest agave holder in all of Mexico. With its rich, volcanic soil, abundant pure spring water, and temperate climate, the highest quality blue agave is transformed into a Tequila that is clean, crisp, and smooth.

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Darren Hirst 2014-12-02 19:20:12

I don't get the negativity about the Cuervo range and the Especial Gold in particular. This is a fine, smooth tequila to my palate and at the price, is very good value for money.

Jeremy Clark 2014-02-05 21:28:52

If you like drinking spirits properly, this tequila is not for you. It is just about passable for slammers and cocktails with enough other flavours in them to hide this one. If you want to actually enjoy drinking tequila, get a 100% agave bottle. All the cheap ones available here (including the Ocho line, which is cheaper than this) are considerably more enjoyable, and don't ruin margaritas. Or give you a raging hangover. Hell, even the Sauza mixtos are better. The problem with Cuervo Gold is that it has this sort of 'dirty' flavour in it from the additives that cuts through everything, and a chemically finish to boot. It isn't pleasant, hence why it's usually taken with lime and salt as a slammer. This bottle is almost entirely responsible for the bad rep that tequila as a spirit has. It will also give you horrific hangovers. These days, even money isn't an excuse to buy this bottle.

Christopher Masterman 2012-12-14 09:24:09

Acquired taste with earthy tones and a very strong and distinctive flavour. Ideal mixed with grapefruit juice as a "Conquistador" or simply as a shot.

Hella Hulla 2007-08-23 17:31:06

Aaron Zall has a good point, this isn't really worth the effort, just like most of the Cuervo range. This Tequila is very harsh, its not much milder than a cheap vodka with a flavour. So, my advice for a cheap gold Tequila is the XXX Siglo Treinta, its a good price and not too bad, kind of expected as its made by the same people who make the Casa Noble tequilas (

David D 2007-07-20 00:06:25

This is an excellent cheap Tequila that goes well in shots or neat. Unless you enjoy drinking on your own like the person reviewing below me seems to, or are on a higher budget stick to this. Why pay more for a higher priced Tequila when everyone else will drink it all?