J Bally - Vintage 2002

Delicate Fragrances
J Bally - Vintage 2002

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Agricole Rum

Bally, the prestige of Tradition.

Bally was one of the first distilleries to elaborate Single Cane Rums in Martinique, thus seeking the highest quality.

Drawing his inspiration from an ancestral technique stemming from the greatest and finest spirits like Cognac, the house founder, Jacques Bally had, in 1917, the idea of letting his rums age in oak casks. This wood sustained ageing process gave them an amber colour and the delicate fragrances that only time can grant.

The craft methods perfected by Jacques Bally such as the adjustment of the distillation columns, a secret jealously kept by the cellar-master, the quality of oak barrels and casks, preserved at every stage of our rums' elaboration.

Simply to let you taste what is probably one of the best rums in the world.

1 Comment

Elliot Barden 2008-08-05 16:52:09

A good mixer at best. Should be a fine sipping rum and on first taste thought that's what I would say about it when I came to review it, however for a rum of this supposed quality it left me with an after-taste that tasted synthetic as if flavours had been added afterwards and not quite worked the way the brewer intended. A shame.