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White Rum

Barbados is internationally known as a blender of the world's finest rums.

E.S.A.F. carries on this proud tradition of excellence for your drinking pleasure.

It's smooth bouquet, the result of a secret blend formula in 1909 by Mr. E.S.A. Field using the extract from pure and natural sugar cane juice, has ensured that E.S.A.F. is Barbados' most popular and frequently requested rum.

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Samantha Beighton 2009-09-02 19:13:13

I bought this for a friend who is a hardened Bacardi drinker, I am now in hiding as she keeps pestering me to get her another bottle or 3 or as many as I can!!!! No seriously she says it is far by the best she has ever tasted you could drink it neat on the rocks as it has a lovely soft flow that doesn't get the back of your throat with an aftermath of a toffee hint. I must admit I am a gin drinker but having tasted this I would definitely be swayed first class A1.