Soho - Lychee

Soho - Lychee

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  • ABV21%

The exotic mystique of the East meets the vibrant, high-energy West in this new, trendsetting liqueur.

Soho captures the luscious flavour of the Asian lychee (pronounced "lee'- chee"). Indigenous to southern China, the lychee is an icon of Asian culture and has been enjoyed in the Orient for more than 2,000 years.

The brittle, red outer shell of the lychee opens to reveal the firm, opalescent fruit with a texture similar to a grape, but a taste far more exotic.

This heart-shaped delicacy is also fabled to be the world's most romantic fruit - a symbol of love and sensuality.


Cocktail Shaker Boys 2009-09-16 15:15:20

A good true flavour of Lychee. Tastes like you'd expect it to. Have only drunk it on it's own though. Keen to develop some cocktails with it in.

Claudia WOODS 2008-09-28 17:41:54

Sweet, yes. But light, smooth and refreshing! A favorite anytime.

Simon Capell 2007-05-16 11:57:43

I had SOHO 7 years ago from my local supermarket and i loved it from day 1, then just as quick they stopped selling it. Ive been looking ever since. Just ordered two bottles and will be back for more very soon. Just as good on its own over ice to sip at. Have a great day.

Janette Owen 2007-04-15 16:43:01

Soho is lovely. Very sweet. Nice mixed with orange juice or lemonade. Try it if you like sweet drinks - you'll love it!