Wyborowa - Exquisite

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Wyborowa - Exquisite

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The Wyborowa Exquisite concept originated from the 18th century when vodka was distilled at country houses and monasteries.

The gentry and monastic orders actually competed with each other to produce the finest quality vodka. At this time distilling vodka also symbolised the achievements of Polish science.

True to that tradition Wyborowa Exquisite now represents one of the greatest achievements in vodka making. Based on a unique recipe it is produced at a single distillery in Turew, which ensures consistent quality and character.

The entire production process, which includes small-bath distillation, is supervised be Master Distiller's team on the estate.

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Ian 2009-04-30 03:26:19

Without doubt better than every vodka I have tried, Belvedere, Grey Goose and they can't touch this piece of genius.