Highland Single Malt Whisky


Savoury roasted nut and toffee aromas are reminiscent of sherry and bourbon casks.

A round, slightly limp entry leads to a smooth medium-bodied palate with sweet toffee, roasted nuts, and elegant spice flavours.

Finishes with a long, rich spicy toffee fade with a wave of heather and pepper.

Very drinkable.

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C McCreesh 2007-02-16 21:08:51

I'm a huge fan of the old Glendronach 15 year old that, sadly, is no longer produced. Faced with a rapidly emptying bottle, I decided to give the 12 year old a try. Here's the thing. This is a decent whisky. It's very easy to drink, and there's none of the nasty eye-watering burning found in cheap scotch. Nor is there any trace of smoke or peat. All in all, it's a good, well rounded, smooth slightly sherried flavour... which is a huge shame. The 15 year old's charm and character was its unashamed 100% sherry matured in your face fruitiness. It's what made it so popular, and what made it different from the dozens of other light, fruity malts. The new 12 is no longer anything special -- it has nothing to make it stand out of the crowd. The 12 may be a more traditional whisky, but it's also a far more boring one.


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