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Roberto Cavalli

Italian Vodka
Roberto Cavalli

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For many years Roberto Cavalli only shared the pleasure of this delicious ultra-premium vodka with family and friends.

Famous for his busy nightlife and passion for having a good time, Roberto Cavalli has now decided to open this treasure to the rest of the world.

Produced in line with Italian tradition, Roberto Cavalli Vodka is sophisticated and elegant.

The vodka is made from the purest water of the Monta Rosa slopes, using the finest quality grains grown in the valleys where the South-Western Alps meet the river Po, and filtered through flakes of Italian Carrara marble.

Using this unique production technique gives the brand its most exclusive character.

2 cocktails with Roberto Cavalli


Matthew Vanstone 2011-12-14 21:27:31

Received this for my birthday in October. Absolutely sublime vodka, mixes very well with all types of mixers, but equally can be enjoyed by itself as it has a very smooth taste. Excellent!

Chris Van Damne 2011-05-05 16:31:23

Fantastic product at a great price! I drank it with friends over the weekend and loved it. My girlfriend loves the shape and feel of the bottle, and the liquid.

Mike 2007-07-23 23:34:27

This is some of the finest vodka I have ever drunk. Smooth and hard hitting. From the same designer of fine fashion and shades now comes a super ultra premium vodka. Drunk as a skunk right now off this jewel from Italy. A little pricey, but hey if you want the best forget the rest.

Matt 2007-02-28 10:39:24

This is one of the smoothest vodka I have ever tried!! Killer good looks and amazing taste...what a combination!