Ardbeg - Airigh Nam Beist 16 Years Old

Islay Whisky
Ardbeg - Airigh Nam Beist 16 Years Old

Country of Origin

Scotland flag

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Key Information

Colour Straw Gold

Nose The initial impression is of eating Ardbeg ice cream on the beach - the combination of sea spray, creamy vanilla ice cream infused with hints of peat oil, finished with a drizzle of gooey fudge sauce. Cutting through this luscious sweetness is an exciting assortment of fennel and pine nuts, zesty limes and sherbet with a touch of geranium leaves and lavender.

Adding Water Adding water intensifies the heather smokiness and peat oils detected earlier, but it is the wonderful fruit salad aromas that are released that make the greatest impact- ripe, juicy summer fruits of kiwi melon and strawberries combined with the slight tartness of blackberries and plum skins topped with raisin chocolate enveloped by soft heather smoke and sweet peat.

Taste Definitely Ardbeg on the taste with peat, seaweed bonfire smokiness. Crispy smoky bacon, maple syrup and antiseptic lozenges leave a peppery and oily feel on the palate. Sweet and fruity flavours of ripe autumn fruits and chocolate limes emerge as notes of black coffee, liquorice and reminders of parma violets linger in the background.

Long on the finish with dried peat and creamy notes.

1 Comment

Lee Hyde 2008-05-23 01:51:20

Ardbeg is great! The Airigh Nam Beist is a fantastic expression, got to love peat!