MURRAY McDAVID - Enmore Versailles, Guyana 14 Years old

Guyanan Premium Rum
MURRAY McDAVID - Enmore Versailles, Guyana 14 Years old

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  • Vintage1990

Original cask : Bourbon Ace cask : Guigal Condrieu Viognier White Wine

Colour A beautiful, golden, orange Sunset

Body A fairly plump, robust spirit - moderately viscous with a spicy heat on the texture.

Aromas An aromatic bouquet of cane molasses is backed up by notes of cola and cocoa plus hints of glazed lemon, honeyed lime juice and green grapes. It's incredible! The spiciness of ginger and treacle really stimulate the olfactory senses. The oils of the different oaks frame the late arriving dates and damsons and just flirting around the edges is that new leather, sweet tobacco note that gives balance to the sweet molasses. Absolute ambrosia.

Palate This spirit detonates onto the palate like an alcoholic cannonball, full of heat and power. It roller coasts its way over the jungle giving the receptor cells an experience they won't forget. Choc full of flavours, this is what mature is all about - fruit, sugar, oak, spice and vanilla aged in Bourbon and Condrieu, what more could a body ask for?

Finish No clouds in the sky, its sunshine all the way. Absolute hedonism!


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