MURRAY McDAVID - Componia Licorera de Nicaragua 10 Years Old

Premium Nicaragua Rum
MURRAY McDAVID - Componia Licorera de Nicaragua 10 Years Old

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  • Vintage1995

Original cask : Bourbon Ace cask : Malmsey Madeira

Soft gold/ Orange blush

Body The spirit has a zesty personality which highlights the smoothness and warmth in the texture which is fairly sweet and viscous.

Aromas Opens with a medicinal citrus lemon and lime note. This is followed by dried, dark fruits which have been marinated in cloves and honey, then its hints of treacle toffee, dark bitter chocolate, rich Madeira and all the while the aroma of cinnamon and mint lingers in the background. That is the key note to look for in this Island beauty.

Palate More fruit than sweetness which is refreshing. The honey/clove combo is very much in evidence as is the marine freshness, then as the spirit warms on the palate the minty treacle and sweet oak with a dash of Madeira richness illuminates the palate and delivers a memorable taste sensation.

This well defined rum delivers a long mellow finish that contains the zesty character on this sunshine Island.


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