Emile Pernot - Un Emile 68

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Emile Pernot - Un Emile 68

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Swiss Style Absinthe

The anise/wormwood profile has been lightly enhanced, which has also improved the body, overall aromas and louche-effect.

Un Emile Pernot 68 is a premium absinthe traditionally made to a 19th century recipe by steeping Grand wormwood (Artemisia absinthium), green anise and other plants in alcohol and distilling the macerated charge in an absinthe still.

The colour is achieved naturally by soaking plants in the distillate.

No star anise is used, which was typical of the traditional Pontarlier absinthe recipes. To best appreciate the complex flavours and louche, it must be properly served by slowly dripping cold water into it, as should all the absinthes from the Emile Pernot distillery.

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Kian Purcell 2012-06-14 20:15:54

Another rather poor absinthe for the price. You can spend an extra fiver and get much nicer drinks. A kind of dark, dull flavour that doesn\'t leave you wanting more as most good absinthes do. Even if you are new to absinthe, do yourself a favour and get a bottle of Perroquet instead for a few pounds more. You will not be disappointed. Absinthe is one of those drinks, like tequila, with which quality is everything. still it seems easier to get a good quality 100% agave tequila for a lowish price (some £25-£30 bottles are lovely) that it is with Absinthe. But with such a special drink as Absinthe your money goes a long way so get a good one.