PAUL DEVOILLE - Blanche de Fougerolles

PAUL DEVOILLE - Blanche de Fougerolles

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Hugues de Miscault produced this absinthe working with an absinthe recipe directly from the pages of a 19th century French liquoriste manual.

Blanche de Fougerolles is made with a grape-alcohol base, and combines grande and petite wormwood, green anise, hyssop, veronica, camomile, génepi, fennel, coriander and angelica; all plants are individually distilled into full 80%+ alcoholates, which are then blended.

The alcoholic strength is then reduced as historically specified to 74%, giving this absinthe real backbone, but by no means overpowers the finesse and lingering aromas of this complex combination of aromatic plants specified by this highly regarded and well documented recipe.

This absinthe is often compared to, and surpasses in quality, many uncoloured Swiss la Bleues now made today.

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J H SEOK 2007-12-10 21:24:11

It was slightly expensive, but I bought it and I'm happy to say I've enjoyed it (still enjoying it in fact). It has a slightly weaker taste of aniseed and stronger taste of other herbs, and when drinking it without the water and sugar, it can be slightly harsh. However, if you mix it properly it's very smooth and the flavours work extremely well. People who don't like the aniseed overpowerering the drink might enjoy this more than other brands. Recommended to anyone who can afford it.