Hapsburg - Black Amere

Absinthe Noir
Hapsburg - Black Amere

Country of Origin


Key Information

Served straight, it's as dark as night with a taste that rocks.

Mixed... anything goes, but it will never lose its dark side.

Make a great shot layed with Baileys cream & red grenadine.


K White 2011-03-14 13:36:52

This delicious drink is quite the best of the many absinthe\'s I drink. A double mixed with fine water to the power of 3 is the perfect assuagement of sobriety. Tastes of anise, it\'s a smooth and perfect concoction. Very strong alcohol that infuses real quick, clean and no next day hang-over toxins thereafter and the thujons are sensed. STRONGLY RECOMMENDED. PERFECT.

Simon Turner 2008-03-06 19:52:55

This Absinthe has a strong taste which holds on for quite some time after the drink is finished. A well rounded absinthe, but to drink in shot form is harsh on all the senses. Just from looking at the dark liquid as it is poured it is obvious this drink demands a fair amount of respect.