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Chopin - Potato Vodka

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Potato Vodka

Chopin vodka is a single-ingredient vodka, 4 times distilled from organic potatoes grown in the Polish region of Podlasie.

It is the only luxury potato vodka in the world and named after the famous Polish romantic composer Frederic Chopin.

Seven pounds of potatoes are used to make each bottle of Chopin. The production is made in small batches and under rigorous quality control, to ensure maximum quality.


jason fletcher 2012-09-04 04:53:26

This is by far the best Potato Vodka money can buy , followed by a close second by Chase Distillery Potato Vodka.

Steven O'Neill 2009-10-20 13:13:44

Delicious! The only vodka anyone should drink and it really warrants the price tag. Vodka purists say you shouldn't mix but it makes mixers taste amazing. It is Sooooo smooth neat!