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In 1844 when most of Scotland was drinking cognac, James Whyte and Charles Mackay decided to invest in whisky. Taking over 35 specially selected single malts and single grains, from the four whisky regions they blended them together to form a distinctive 'Special' whisky.

Today, the Whyte & Mackay 40 Year Old blend is part of that pioneering spirit.

It is the oldest Whyte & Mackay blend released to date. Not only is time needed to study and appreciate this masterpiece, but time was essential for its creation. Unusually, 70% of this whisky was made of rare, aged single malts, while the remaining 30% was a choice selection of single grain whiskies. These were selected by Richard Paterson, our Master Blender who, along with nature, was at the very heart of the art of creating this 40 year old blend.

Over time, he nudged, balanced and enticed the spirit to take on a rich and rounded flavour. Then by using the unique Whyte & Mackay double marriage process, where after blending, the whisky is returned to sherry butts to 'marry' fully before bottling, he was able to create a blended whisky of indefinable smoothness.

A whisky of this age must be drunk with respect.

First you'll nose aromas of chocolate cake and thick vanilla toffee then sweet sherry and old oak come through. The taste is spicy orange liquorice and crushed peaches on the palate, which dries steadily leaving an elegant aftertaste of Java coffee and bitter almond chocolate.

Such luxury has its limitations.

Just 1,000 bottles are available in this, the very first, release.

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