Oval - Vodka

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Oval - Vodka

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Oval Vodka, the choice of connoisseurs, at home in the most exclusive bars. Oval, the only structured vodka worldwide, is produced from premium quality ingredients using a patented process.

Absolutely free of any impurities and incomparably mild, Oval Vodka provides the singular, harmonious taste experience which has already made it a legend today.

The exceptional aspect of structured Oval Vodka is its distinctively harmonious taste, its absolute purity and premium-class quality.

In this way, its multifaceted taste components are able to unfold sip-by-sip. Drinking Oval ice-cold, as is usual with other vodkas, hides all its aromas and represses the taste receptors.

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Simon Lewis 2008-04-01 08:32:41

Just a fantastic liquid. Don't freeze this Vodka or even add ice that just dulls flavour in any drink. Drunk neat you can really tell the difference in quality. It's so smooth and can be best appreciated when drunk in comparison to other Vodkas. You can find it around London at some of the best bars - just ask, you won't be disappointed.


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