Chartreuse - Elixir de la Grande-Chartreuse

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  • ABV69%
  • SizeMiniature

Made by the Chartreuse Monks since 1737 according to the instructions set out in the secret manuscript given to them by Marechal d'Estrees in 1605.

The Herbal Elixir gets its unique flavour from 130 medicinal and aromatic plants and flowers.

It is a cordial, a liqueur and a very effective tonic.

Ingredients : alcohol, sugar, plants and flowers.

Presentation : in a small bottle, itself placed in a wooden case which protects it from the light and makes sure it keeps perfectly.

Use : a few drops on a lump of sugar, straight, or in a little sugared water, as an infusion.

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Susan Linnstaedter 2012-12-20 12:31:35

This is a digestif. It is very good for an upset stomach with at most a quarter teaspoon on a sugar cube. I can not imagine drinking it straight. It does not taste like green chartreuse and there are easier ways to get a buzz.

Cocktail Shaker Boys 2009-09-16 17:18:16

This is exactly the same as Green Chartreuse except it's even stronger at 71%, that's nearly 150 proof !! Great little tipple but not for the faint hearted! It's so strong that you can only buy it in these 10cl bottles. So my tip is keep an old Chartreuse bottle, buy 7 of these little tigers and then pour them into your spare bottle. That's what I've done! Way to go!