Molinari - Limoncello di Capri

Molinari - Limoncello di Capri

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  • ABV32%

Its quality makes it a special and unique drink: a classic for after a meal.

Everybody drinks lemon liquor and today you can drink Limoncello too, the Limoncello of Capri and like everything unique, you can only do it in one way - the perfect way.

The ingredients being of only one type of lemon, the best and most suitable - the 'Ovale' from Sorrento.

1 cocktails with Molinari - Limoncello di Capri


Gen Williams 2011-07-25 10:35:29

One of my least favourite limoncellos. Overly harsh, despite not being excessively strong - lacks the subtlety of its competitors, and isn\'t very enjoyable to drink. One to knock back rather than savour.

Robert Leach 2009-01-10 15:54:52

A Wonderful Drink! Keep it in the Freezer for after dinner. But if you really want something refreshing: Mix in a Blender 2 Large Measuring cups of ice, 4 table spoons sugar, half a can of 7up, and half a blender of Limoncello and enjoy. Caution!! Too very good! Drink wisely.


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