Molinari - Extra Sambucca

Molinari - Extra Sambucca

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  • ABV38%

Created in 1945 by Angelo Molinari and now one of Italy's most celebrated masterpieces- a smooth, rich, full-bodied liqueur he proudly named Molinari Sambuca.

Molinari Sambuca is the best selling liqueur in Italy and the most cherished Sambuca in the world.

Molinari Sambuca is the only brand permitted by Italian law to use the term 'Extra' because of its extra quality.

This is not just for a better quality & taste, but also ignites better when flamed in the traditional manner.


Anthony Holloman 2013-11-10 13:52:48

In my opinion, 1 of the very best types of Sambuca on the market today. It has a very smooth velvety taste and slides down the throat much too easily but also very enjoyably. Worth every penny of whatever it costs.

Hugh Baker 2012-04-27 19:07:36

Molinari is my favourite sambuca by far. It is not as cloyingly sweet as others such as Romana or Rammezzotti. It it particularly good as a nip in an espresso, as \"caffé corretto con sambuca\".