Asahi - Kuronama Black

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Asahi - Kuronama Black

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Why not try Japan's favourite dark beer? Brewed in Osaka, Asahi Black is made from three different roasted malts. This gives it a rich, nutty flavour and makes it incredibly smooth-drinking.

Unlike other, more bitter dark beers and stouts, it's brewed in a process called bottom fermentation, which gives it a subtle, sweet edge and smooth 5% abv. All of which makes for a truly warming experience.

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gillian may 2010-07-10 21:23:42

This beer is gorgeous. One of the finest Japanese brews, it's a rare treat to enjoy it here (and uncompromised) in the UK. It's character is uniquely smooth, and it goes a treat with everything from sushi to tacos. Oishi des!