Wild Africa

Cream Liqueur
Wild Africa

Country of Origin

South Africa

Key Information

Other Information

  • ABV17%

Wild Africa cream is born in the famous Western Cape winelands of South Africa, where pure water from ancient springs and crisp clean mountain air combine to produce grass so wholesome, it ensures that the roaming Jersey cows produce only the finest dairy cream.

In the Wild Africa cellars the fusion of this fresh cream and carefully distilled spirit is aided by an advanced blending process, which ensures a shelf life of at least two years.

This unique technology allows Wild Africa cream to be kept in the refrigerator and served cold, without thickening or separating like other cream liqueurs. Caramel and fresh cream combine with the purest spirit in a glorious taste sensation - the lighter texture makes for easy drinking, allowing the spirit flavour to be clearly noticeable.

Wild Africa's packaging is an avant-garde combination of first and third world. The leopard skin jacket on the bottle is soft and warm to the touch, while the 'ubuntu' beads on the bottleneck symbolize the African tradition of goodwill and sharing between people.

The lasting impression is one of quality and the blend of textures generates electrifying shelf appeal.

1 Comment

A Searle 2012-05-26 04:13:16

In the glass, at first glance this looks just like our old friend Baileys, and a sniff appears to back that up, though it seems perhaps a touch more delicate. However, Wild Africa is lighter. The best way I can describe the taste is as being like an alcoholic version of the toffee sauce you get swirled through ice cream, but in drinkable form. The flavour has a tendency to separate from the burn of the alcohol, but I find that that\'s a problem common with cream liqueurs, and not a very large one. If Baileys is slightly reminiscent of chocolate, and goes well with milk chocolate in desserts, I would pair this with dark to offset its sweetness (I\'m not a big drinker and stick at least some of most of my bottles in cheesecake). Not just another cream liqueur; very pretty. Keep a tissue handy to wipe the rim after pouring though; you don\'t want it gumming up its fetching fur coat.


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