Kasteel Cru

Champagne Style Lager
Kasteel Cru

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A delicate lager, pale straw in appearance, with streaming bubbles rising to a sharp, white foam. The beer's aroma is lifted by its lively carbonation, with light and slightly fruit-like characteristics.

The first taste delivers an immediate 'zing' from the carbonation, and a natural acidity is created by the special yeast during fermentation. This enhances the refreshing and moreish character of the beer. The low bitterness ensures that the mouth-feel is light; with a sweet-sour balance in the acidity, with little or no astringency - and a finish that is clean and crisp.


Barry Green 2008-12-17 21:21:29

The description of this beer is spot on, I'm not a fan of French beers they seem bitter and have an after taste but Kasteel Cru is in a different league, its flavour is delicate and light and you have to resist the temptation not to cane it :) its loverly and I will be buying more.

Jonathan Craft 2008-12-05 09:38:06

Amazing beer! Sampled it last night at a launch party. Hard to describe, but all I know is that its my new favourite beer! Buying a case for christmas!

b bobson 2008-10-23 23:56:59

Wow! Tried it ontrade at £5 a bottle and went back for more. Fruity, yet dry in flavour, the high carbonation gives it that champagne feel. The only beer that the missus also loves.