HENKES - Extra Lachte, Jonge Jenever

Dutch Gin
HENKES - Extra Lachte, Jonge Jenever

Country of Origin


Key Information

High quality 'young' jenever from the famous enkes distillery in Holland.

There are two types of jenever: "Oude" (Old) and "Jonge" (Young). This is not a matter of aging, but of distilling techniques.

Around 1900 it became possible to distill an almost neutral high-graded type of alcohol in taste, independent of the origin of the spirit. A worldwide tendency for a lighter and less outspoken taste, as well as lower prices, led to blended whisky in Great Britain, and in the Netherlands to Jonge Jenever.

During the Great War, lack of imported cereals and hence malt, forced the promotion of this blend. Alcohol from molasses from the beet-sugar industry was used as an alternative to grainspirit. People started using the term 'Oude' for the old-style jenever and 'Jonge' for the new style, which contains more grain instead of malt and can even contain plain sugar-based alcohol.


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