O2 - 945 Sparkling Vodka

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O2 945 Vodka is the new super premium O2, The World's First Sparkling Vodka.

945 signifies that the proof is 94 and that it is distilled 5 times for superior taste that will delight and surprise the Vodka connoisseur.

O2 945 is a hand crafted British super premium pure grain vodka, a special blend of wheat and malted barley, batch distilled five times in 100 year old traditional copper pot stills, filtered for purity, and blended with crystal clear English spring water for an exceptionally smooth and pure taste.

Their patented process that took 2 years to perfect transforms this special vodka and infuses 'Champagne style' bubbles creating a bright and lively texture that enhances the taste.

Each batch of O2 945 is inspected and tested by their Master Distiller to insure that it is of the highest purity and quality.

Enjoy O2 945 Vodka ice cold as a shot or straight-up on ice to really appreciate its complex character. A little will go a long way in creating and transforming your favourite classic cocktails into new cocktail adventures.

Packaged in a unique black iridescent enamel coated bottle O2 945 has an air of mystery and sets a new standard for excellence in the vodka market.

The infused bubbles dreate a lightly effervescent texture that gently tingles the tongue.

Sight: Sparkling Clarity with Exciting 'Champagne Style' Bubbles.

Nose: Mild Citrus and Grain with a subtle Floral background note.

Taste: Sweet and smooth with well orchestrated refreshing citrus enhanced by tingling bubbles.

Finish: Smooth and mellow warmth with lingering freshness.


Bob Baxter 2011-10-13 08:59:27

I must admit that I have to disagree with the previous review. This is a great vodka and it is truly a pleasure to drink. I find the sparkling quality ads that extra bit of tingly buzz to drinks and the flavour is smooth with a light citrus note that is perfect for me straight up with a twist. My girlfriend also loves to make mixed cocktails with fruit juices with 945. All in all this is my favourite vodka.

andrew westwood 2010-02-25 13:48:14

Brilliant vodka to show off to friends. The concept of a sparkling vodka may seem great but this 47% version does not make for easy drinking (although at 47% you wont have to drink much of it) and if mixed the magic of the fizziness is often lost. I\'m not saying this is a bad drink. In my opinion the best vodkas are fun and original and this certainly ticks those boxes. One of my major worries was that it would start to lose its fizz once opened, however I was wrong to be worried. I drank the 70cl bottle sporadically over the course of about 2 weeks and it never lost its sparkle. A slightly strange taste may put off true vodka connoisseurs but I\'m certain its nothing you couldn\'t get used to. Overall a unique vodka that is certain to draw attention to itself wherever it is. But the taste does let it down slightly. I\'d rate it a good 6.5/10. It was a great novelty and I don\'t regret buying it. Even though I probably wont buy it again, I\'d strongly recommend it to those who haven\'t tried a product like this. A brilliantly fun drink that\'ll bring joy to everyone!